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If you feel better,
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More Than A Massage

Structural Integration is a 10-session series done over 10-12 weeks. Each session lasts 60-75 minutes and includes movement analysis, deep tissue manipulation of the fascia, integration, and movement education. One session builds upon the next, and the cumulative effects help align your structure within gravity and improve your function and ease of movement. Because your muscles are not just being relaxed but your structure is changing, results tend to last longer than a traditional massage or chiropractic adjustment. 

"Working with fascia, we organize the body in gravity. We find the sweet spot, where body alignment creates effortless movement through space."

-Dr. Ida Rolf


Ways Structural Integration Can Help

Releasing Patterns Developed while Compensating for Old Injuries

Prehab or Rehab from Surgery

Restoring Structural Balance

Facilitating Ease of Movement

Easing Tensions from Computer Posture

Improving Performance for Dancers and Athletes

Lower Back Pain


Post Partum to Rebalance the Pelvis


Releasing Patterns from Repetitive Movements

Supporting Pilates, Yoga or Movement Practices

Increasing Range of Motion

Clients Report Feeling



-smoother in movement

-a new way of standing and walking

-emotional release

-more in tune with their body

-reduction or even elimination of pain

Sarah spent 20 years working in education. Following treatment for breast cancer, she left the field to focus on her recovery. She ate right and exercised, but instead of feeling better she kept accruing more injuries. OT and PT made minor improvements, but she still didn't feel whole.


When someone at the gym mentioned how Structural Integration helped realign their hips after four births and years of baby toting, she decided to give that a try. Structural Integration released all the compensatory patterns from surgeries and injuries. Once the pain was released, she felt a dramatic emotional shift as well. She felt better, and was ready to start helping others again.

Whole Body Structural Integration is here to help you feel better in your body. Sarah is a graduate of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, the premiere organization in the training of Structural Integrators. 



What To Wear

Structural Integration does use a massage table but also involves walking and seated bench work so draping is not standard (although there are blankets if you get chilly). While you are welcome to dress to your level of comfort, I can provide the most benefit to you if I can see your spine and access your tissues. Men typically wear boxer briefs or jogging shorts. Women can wear a bra and briefs, boy shorts, pajama shorts or a two-piece swimsuit. Please avoid stiff, slippery or excessively tight fabrics. No lotions, oils or fragrances should be applied prior to your session. Breasts and genitals must be covered. 

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